About Rumbly Tummies

I love to cook, especially making up recipes with whatever I have on hand, which frequently includes seasonal goodies from the farmers’ market. I’m going to keep track of my successful recipes here.

I am in grad school. This means 1) I don’t have that much money for my recipes, and 2) I don’t have that much time to cook.

I live by myself, so I try to cook things that only make 2-3 servings, otherwise I eat the same thing all week. yuck.  Plus, for anyone who needs to feed more mouths, it’s easier to double recipes than halve them.

Also, I don’t eat a lot of meat. For one thing, it’s not economical for me to cook meat for just one person, but also, I think most Americans eat too much meat. So mostly I just eat it occasionally when I go out to eat. For those more carnivorous than myself, you should try some of my recipes anyways. You could always just serve them in smaller portions as sides if you don’t find them satisfying on their own.


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  1. Linda Thompson said

    Hi, Honey. I enjoyed the soba noodle salad recipe….I would probably change some of the ingredients, but the main component of cold, cooked soba noodles, sounds really good to me. BTW, does the Wagamama cookbook have soba noodle recipes??


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