How I Calculate Cooking Times

If there’s one thing I consistently dislike about most recipes, it’s how they calculate the “cooking” time. It never includes the prep work time for chopping vegetables, measuring spices, grating cheese, etc. And even if it did, professional chefs can slice ‘n dice much faster than I can.

So when I calculate my cooking times, it starts from when I pull the ingredients out of the fridge and off the shelf. It includes chopping and measuring time. For those who are lightning fast choppers, my recipes will probably take you less time to make. For the rest of us, when I say a recipe only took 30 minutes to make, I really do mean it. Everything filed under the “Quick” category takes 30 minutes or less to prepare.



  1. Yocheved said

    Was wondering if you could suggest methods for making the tantalizing tomato soup vegan and in a crock pot in the early morning for dinner late that night?

    Thanks very much.

  2. warren sunada said

    need to find out how do i adjust the baking time for putting 2 x’s the recipe in the oven i make corn bread and put 2 pans in but they came out raw in the center or i should say uncooked so when i put it back in to finish cooking it didn’t

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