Recipe Reviews

Sometimes I have comments and tips I’d like to share about a recipe I’ve made, but because it’s from a recent publication, because I’m not changing the actual recipe, and because I’m not sure what the copyright rules are, I’m not going to publish the whole recipe. Recipe reviews simply have my take on these recipes.

My parents got me a subscription to “Cooks Illustrated” for Christmas, so lots of the recipes will probably come from there. It’s a really great magazine because it tells you how the recipe was derived with at least a whole page of narrative in addition to the recipe. This is neat because it lets you, the cook, know what you can and can’t change in a recipe to achieve the same results. It also reviews foods and kitchen equipment, which is kind of fun.

Other publications I like are “Gourmet” and “Cooking Light.” A word of caution for those who are vegetarians or vegans: while all of these publications have some recipes that are veggie friendly, it’s definitely not their utmost concern. But sometimes, the recipes can be easily adapted but using veggie broth instead of chicken broth, fake chicken strips and other such swaps. I’ll note that in my reviews if pertinent.

Of course, most of these recipes are labor-intensive, so I might not have reviews very often.

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